About the birthball handbook

a chapter by chapter guide

When you're pregnant it's likely your midwife will recommend that you get yourself a 'birthing ball'. These balls are like the ones you see in the gym or Pilate's class, and are great for helping baby to get in the 'optimal foetal position', the right position for birth. This will mean a quicker and easier labour, and who wouldn't want that?

But it's not just in labour that these balls are handy. They can also be used for staying fit and strong during your pregnancy and for getting your core strength back quickly after giving birth. However, most women really don't know how to use one. This book sorts out that problem once and for all.

Written by specialist fitness professionals, the book shows all new mums how they can get the absolute best from their birthball.

Chapter 1 Quotes and recommendations from fitness and birthing professionals on why they always use a ball with their mums and mums to be.

Chapter 2 Why you should exercise during pregnancy, with benefits for you and for baby!

Chapter 3 When you can and when you can't exercise during pregnancy, and very importantly, the signs that tell you when you need to stop.

Chapter 4 Your introduction to pregnancy exercise with info, advice, and guidelines on such things as activating your core muscles, pregnancy hormones & stretching, why you shouldn't be laying on your back, and much more.

Chapter 5 Your pregnancy ball routine, with 47 high resolution images of pregnancy exercises and stretches, and clear and easy to follow instructions on how to perform them safely and effectively.

Chapter 6 Labour, birth, and your ball. We explain birthballs from a midwifes point of view, show you the non-exercise benefits of birthball use, give you tips on using your ball effectively, and you'll also get to hear from mums that have put their ball to great use before, during, and after the birth!

Chapter 7 An introduction to postnatal exercise. We explain how and why you should exercise your pelvic floor, how to check for abdominal separation, and what to do after a C-section.

Chapter 8 Your postnatal ball routine. 31 high res images of postnatal exercises, many of which you can do with your baby with clear easy to follow instructions.

Chapter 9 When is the postnatal period over? This chapter is an introduction to more advanced exercising, so you can continue getting the benefit from your ball long after baby has grown up!

Chapter 10 Your advanced ball routine. 48 high res images of exercises that will keep you in great shape for years to come!

Chapter 11 . This one's certainly not to be missed! Our 8 professional super secrets for regaining your pre-pregnancy figure....fast!

The book is also full of Top Tips you can follow through pregnancy….and beyond.
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